Tymur Khromaev
Head of the National Commission of Securities and Stock Exchange Market, father of Nana and Oleksandr

Photographer - Olha Murzaieva
I think that parents should be like banks of one river. Children have their own life, but they know they can always rely on the bank. I grew up in a family, where everybody worked a lot, so we did not spend much time with my father. In my view, those were times of emotional hunger and high requirements upon children. If you were a boy, then you had to be a fighter. Yet those times passed, nowadays it is all different. So, instead of indicating or demanding something from your kids, listen to them, regardless of how small they are.

I have a daughter and a son, and we have different common activities with each of them. They have ten years of age difference, so I can allow myself to be more playful and carefree with my son, who is younger. But I look at our teenage daughter and realize: she is 16 now, but has the same serious facial expression, as 15 years ago, when she was a baby. Nothing has changed much in that regard. She has always been very thoughtful, with her own principles. In this period of her life it is vital not to interfere with our parental views, but to give her space that she fights for so vigilantly. Let her do what she feels is right for her, let her learn to take responsibility for her life. We will support in the process.

When our second child was born, it was easier to take care of him. Parental routine was not brand new anymore. When you already know everything, then you can dedicate more time to different pleasant activities. So to say, to catch up with everything you fell short of, as a dad, with the first child. If I could have played more with the older daughter, then I try to do it more with my son now. The daughter does not get insulted or jealous. Moreover, she shows more affection and tenderness towards her brother than us, her parents.

I wish fathers to listen to their children. Regardless of how old kids are, they are full members of the family and the society. So be wise. For sure, this wisdom comes gradually, once we start listening more to our children, supporting their interest towards life, their loved ones and themselves. Parents, no doubt, are sources of knowledge and values. But, first and foremost, kids should explore this world by themselves. While knowing that they have support, they have somebody to rely on, to ask for an advice, when it is needed.